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2D fighting game where the player controls either of two characters which fight six opponents in twelve levels. Additional timed mode doubles playtime overall. Player can use both keyboard and mouse as well as a gamepad. The player cannot control the characters position backwards or forwards, but initiates attack animations using two to five keys or gamepad control presses. The objective is to time these attacks to strike an opponents unguarded head when it has moved within range. Precise anticipation is needed.

Install instructions

Unzip file, copy to a drive, click exe, choose a 16X9 resolution.


Fight Girls.zip 238 MB

Development log


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:D ...THIS GAME LIVE OR DIE ? damn need balanced ahhaha

Thanks for posting your game-play. You did well to get to that last fight without losing. In that last fight between Roxie and Neutrino you can use a duck command to avoid her laser blast.

In all the fights each command triggers a new attack, so try to pick your moves and let them finish. Remember any time your opponent raises their fists in front of their face they are blocking and your attacks do no damage.

Neutrino is op :P big problem hahaha h:D i like you idea projet .... one moment think old game dead or live ... i know no easy make fighter game only girl .... but hope future rework this game .... you use unity or unreal?

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Hey QUEENFAITH2020 press the space bar, time it right and Roxie will duck under the laser blast :) Along with space bar you have q,w,e,r keys.

ok  :D ...